Friday, March 4, 2011

the new standard??

this started as a random comment from me on nahright, but i was actually thinking that it's pretty accurate..
let's see if we can get this to become the new standard of excellence (or garbage, in "Laser's" case)

-holy ghost music (reserved for only the holiest of holy)
-certified crack cocaine (not classic, but damn good)
-i fucks with it (might get some repeat spins, but nothing groundbreaking)
-mad “eh..” status (unimpressive, mad average, doesn't stand out in any way)
-wack juice (terrible music, what were they thinking? GTFOHWDBS)
-verizon wireless is hiring (should only be used in the event that the artist should give up music altogether and never touch a mic again.. pause)

and for the record, just to apply the new system for this weeks 2 biggest drops..
lupe fiasco's "lasers" is considered "wack juice" - i would of given it the dreaded "verizon wireless is hiring", but i still think lupe has a chance to make good music, so i don't want him to retire.. i just never want to hear "lasers" again

on the other hand, raekwon seems to keep winning(is rae copping tiger blood from sheen on the low? he seems to be unable to drop wackness lately)i wouldn't call "shaolin vs wu-tang" certified "holy ghost music", but let's be serious- an album can't be bestowed such a prestigious honor after a few days in the rotation. the shit is most definitely certified crack cocaine tho.. if you haven't heard "rich & black" yet, slap yourself and then click play on the embed below.

spread the word.. 5 mics ? XXL ? we off that.. MC's need to be aiming for that "holy ghost music"..

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  1. I like the chart. Numbers don't lie...