Saturday, April 2, 2011


odd future this. odd future that. are you sick of hearing about these guys yet ?

I’m gettin there. the crazy part is that most people haven’t really dug into the catalog of all the different arms of OFWGKTA, and are really basing their opinion on a song or two, or what everyone else is saying.

Polarizing would be an understatement.. it seems you either think tyler and earl are the next jay and nas, or you think they are attention seeking, shock rapping children who listened to too much Marshall Mathers and don’t deserve the shine they are getting over the last few months.

I suppose i’m one of the few who is somewhere in between. I don’t really care for them, personally, but i have to admit that when i put their ridiculous antics aside and just listen to the music, there are some gems. Imagine if you had never heard of Tyler and his gang of raping skateboarders and this song came on the radio. Tell me you wouldn’t wanna know who is that spittin’ or who produced this?

.. you would. Because this is good hip-hop. and if i stop and really think about it, i can almost justify their sometimes ridiculous behavior. I mean, they are all under 20, and based god knows, when i was a teenager, i was wild as fuck, and i’m sure i said some crazy shit on the regular. Not to mention that i wasn’t dealing with new found celebrity and loads of cash and bitches who wanna throw it at me on GP.

moral of the story, you probably shouldn’t take OFWGKTA too seriously, but you might really miss out on some good shit if you don’t take the time to listen to the music.

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