Saturday, October 2, 2010

the most comfortable shoes ever..

sure, you got your air-max, zoom air, pump, flywire, hyper-dunk and all that.
but the most comfortable kicks of all time, gotta be these nike free joints. i've had em for over a year, and don't rock em regularly,because they aren't 'flossy' enough for everything. but yesterday, the wife surprised me with an all black everything fitted, so i pulled the black free's out of the vault. they weigh about the same as a flip-flop, and they sort of comform to your feet in ways i can't describe. (no homo)
if you need something for work and are on your feet alot at the gig, you can't go wrong with these.

and now, the obligotory music addition to the post, HL's hometown hero, J.Cole.
this is from "the warm up" mixtape, which is much doper than i expected. i'm pretty stoked for cole's LP, which is scheduled to drop sometime in the 4th quarter of 2010.


  1. " which is much doper than i expected. "

    You only recently listened to it ?

  2. @hopp
    Yup. I never bothered before. But I was looking for something to stream at work and datpiff recommended it to me. So yeah.. I dig it tho

  3. "HL's hometown hero, J.Cole."

    Me > Affion Crocket > Darryl Armstrong > J Cole

    But I see what you're saying though.

  4. Me > Affion Crocket > Darryl Armstrong > J Cole

    my hometown 'legends'

    william mckinley> me >maurice clarett>

    so yeah.
    an hour away is akron..devo >he who shall not be named on LWH

    thats it. what a sad area i live in lol

  5. shit man, you just don't know yr rock history. Half of the cramps were from akron. The Dead Boys. The Pagans. Gordon Solie? WTF are you on man? Pere Ubu. All sorts of freakish, awesome shit. sure, it's been like ten years since anything interesting happened here, but shit, Captain Kolostomy and The Urinals > Kanye or Wayne any fuckin day. We are in the middle of a crucible of destruction - This place has always been about raw materials being transformed into something else and then exported away. It's true of the manufacturing here, AND the culture. You'd be really shocked at how many talented and recognized authors are from the triangle between Stubenville, Erie and Akron. They just don't stay here. There's something about this place that is as good as this place is bad. I'm not gonna say love it or leave it - What's to love? But if this place didn't exist, someone would have to invent it.

  6. @d
    Don't forget. Crunk was invented here.

  7. I did forget for a minute that this is a hip hop blog. Is that really true about crunk? Supposedly the term "Rock & Roll" was coined in Cleveland, but that's a pretty thoroughly debunked myth... I guess what I'm saying is that if NYC is the land of Originators, and Cali is the Land of Innovators, we here are in the land of Incubators. The place where shit gets started - Like RZA and Ghostface running soft between NYC and Stubenville, there's something vital and weirdly magnetic about this region that defies all logic.

  8. Not sure what any of this has to do with a pair of Nikes tho... Those shoes would have to be real comfortable, cause they look like fuckin cleats. Although you'll probably be sporting some cleats before it's all over... Kidding, kidding. But honestly - I may have to bring back Spats, get some pinstripes, a nice collection of bowler hats... Maybe a nice walking stick, start smoking a pipe or some shit. A pince nez and a funny little moustache... ALright. Sorry, sorry. Jackassery is too much fun.