Friday, October 1, 2010

some of that new shit

more beats from the homie DNTZ. i heard these shits and hit him up on some "yo i wanna post these joints" and he was at the crib with an SD card within the hour. so yeah, i'm determined here. gonna keep posting beats for y'all to rock to.


  1. 4th beat is intriguing.

  2. @Hopp

    that first joint didn't stand out at all? i dig that one the mostest

  3. The 2nd beat reminded me of some 8-bit Zelda shit. I digg it.

  4. Yeah, the 2nd joints cool.. Dude use a PC right?

  5. @24k

    a copy paste from a previous post of dude's work where he answered someone who asked what he uses

    i use an MPC 2000xl, korg electribe ea-1, proteus 2000, some other synths, reason 3, and I use an almost antique version of cubase to track my shit. I don't do any fancy soft synth shit in cubase, and any time I use reason I sample from reason in the MPC and sequence it there.

  6. 1,2 and 4 are pretty ill. 2 is def some dope madness. I like the steez on em, chop heavy. I know that sample in 4 (nice reworking of it BTW) but can't place it and it's kiillliinnnggg me. Sigh.

    Could you ask the homie DTNZ how he uses the mpc as a the audio source for audio that's then reworked in reason?!

    That's been a minor holy of mine i've been needing to figure out, lol.

  7. *Holy grail

    Fucking groggy

  8. Deacon

    I'll tell him to come by and reply to your query(no queer)
    I don't wanna lose anything in translation, and frankly I have no clue what u are
    Asking here

  9. @ Deacon -

    That sample is from the 101 Strings version of "Scarborough Fair". That's one of my own personal favs from the last six months or so.

    On the Reason tip - It's the other way around... I sometimes put stuff together in Reason and then sample out to the MPC. Linear-type interfaces have uses, for sure, but I've spent too much time (10 years almost [Jesus, I'm getting old]) with the 2kXL. Like my brain works in the same counter-intuitive way now.

    I'm not a big Reason head, but I know of 2 ways to bring sounds into Reason:

    1 - you can use ReCycle to turn .wav files into .rex files and play them back in the Dr. Rex player. This is probably the more arcane option - I've toyed around with ReCycle enough to know that I've spent too much time learning to use the hardware and software I already have/know to spend six months learning how to use ReCycle. It's a very deep program, and provides a really interesting take on chops.

    2 - I think last year Propellorhead released a program called Record that operates alongside of reason via ReWire... It's like adding a multitracking DAW to Reason. I've never had the chance to use it myself to verify how well it works or sounds - although I will say that I've never had anything but trouble using ReWire for anything - Of course all of my software is cracked and the comp I use for recording is a single-core machine that was cutting edge around the same time my MPC was discontinued, so...

    I should add that both of these pieces of software are fairly expensive, tho not as pricey as Reason. For all I know they've discontinued ReCycle since Record dropped, I don't lust after gear the way I used to, so I don't follow these things closely anymore - Not that I'm done lusting over the MPC 2500 (Sampling while playing a sequence?! "To sleep perchance to dream...") just can't justify buying one when I need, say, a car or to pay off the gas bill. But I digress.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the props, BTW!

  10. @ DNTZ

    Thanks for response!

    Ha i'm about the exact opposite, beatmaking-wise. I learned on software, got a mpc 1000, learned how to make a veerrryyy basic beat, and got pissed i couldn't freak it like reason, or at least incorporate it into my comp.

    I've been using recycle/reason and then live for years now. .Rex-ing files is ok, and im adept at doing what i want to do with it/chopping or whatever, but it just doesn't have the crunch that most actual analog, hardware boxes ( have.

    I've been meaning to check out record, i'm kind of a propellerhead-head, so it's funny i forgot about it, kinda like how i forgot about this question (and i'm not even smoking that much anymore!). It wouldbe dope if you could record audio input from a mpc or something easily.

    and lol! 101 strings, 101 strings man. Just copped them doin beatles songs.

    Flippin records you may find at the library record sale? One of the biggest pleasures in life. I want to make a Ray Coniff sampled jam.

  11. <--- Jealous. That 101 strings Beatles record is one of the rarer ones, been looking for that for a minute. It's one of the few (Along with "Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000") that is actually worth anything beyond it's intrinsic aesthetic value. I've been collecting those records for a minute now. It's bizarre how well suited elevator music is to making beats, but you learn to follow the breaks and not ask too many philosophical questions, I guess.

    I've got some Ray Coniff laying around myself. I've got no shame in saying that a full quarter of my vinyl cost me 50 cents or less. I'm just waiting for two copies of "Disco Bill" to show up at the Sal... Not holding my breath tho.

    Back on the Reason tip - you can do some tricky stuff using ReWire and any other DAW, like Cubase, Pro Tools, or a newer version of Fruity Loops, but it's such a pain in the ass (you end up with files spread across two platforms, not to mention lag issues), and you don't get to edit with Reason tools... Record is probably gonna be it for ya, but there's always gonna be something it can't do. I know a lot of people fucking with Ableton now, and from what I've seen that software is the truth, just a little too deep for me... Maybe after my son finishes High School (He's six) I'll have time...

    This conversation is making my palms itchy for vinyl. Just got 2 fresh styluses after being needle-impaired all summer and I've got a big stack of dimestore unmentionables to go through...