Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LWHRadio Episode3

so yeah, shit is getting outta hand. listen if you wanna hear us being painfully nerdy, some shots fired, some angry gutter shit,a verse from "war", and the aforementioned "48 bars of terror".

"war" starts around the 1:03:30 mark

Monday, October 25, 2010

48 Bars of Terror

we liberated this shit last night on LWHRadio. terror ensued.
this shit is fugginridkiliss (c)rZa

Shellz Liotta, BigSpitGame - 48 bars of terror (produced by M.lito)

also, if you aren't listening to LWHRadio on sunday nights, WTF is wrong with you? go to rukusradio.com and create a profile, and get your shit together!

be on the look out for more from the upcoming shellz/bsg/lito project, coming soon! (NH)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

LightWeightHeavyRadio episode 2

so this week was our second show on rukusradio.com.
stream or download for some classic shit, some freestyles courtesy of JihaD and BigSpitGame,and some general white-bread awkwardness.
tune in this week, where shots are sure to be fired, and jokes will be met with *crickets*... sundays from 5-7 on rukusradio.com

thanks to all who have been riding with us thus far...

send your music to LWHRadio@gmail.com...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


if you frequent this blog, i'm assuming you already know, but for those that might not..

- Cholera i have an online radio show now. (sort of a podcast, but fuck it we do it live (c) bill o reilly.)

- we play rap

- if you want to listen, go to rukusradio.com. the show is on sunday's from 5-7. create a profile if you wanna get down on the message board. please, keep the ether at a minimum.

- the other programming on rukus is not hip-hop. so don't be surprised if you get on early and hear some hippy jamband steez.

- also, we are not great at this yet, so if there are some technical issues, and general akwardness, don't mind us.

peace to the gods and the earths. wu tang forever.

Monday, October 11, 2010

what is the GOAT nas verse ?

the internet is constantly debating jay vs nas. what about nasir's other competition ?


nas has always been his own worst enemy. whether it's picking beats, or picking girlies, nas stays fuckin up. but let's be real, verse for verse, bar for bar...nobody's fuckin with nas. even waka knows.

so in general convo today, it was brought up.. what is the GOAT nas verse ? let's sort this out. i'll make a couple choices, you can add your opinion in the comments.

verbal intercourse

cliche choice ? perhaps. but tell me nas didn't murk these other 2 greats on their own shit. he renegaded the chef and ghost before renegading someone even existed.

NY state of mind

stop playin, nas.that's all that really needs to be said.

so what you think ? i realize alot of cats are gonna come at me with either a)- what's the point here? it's NAS..everything is ill, how you gonna even pick one?
or b)damn! you left off _____ WTF, B!

i'm just curious what the rest of you think.. if you could only pick one (or i guess 2, if you wanna be cool like me..) what would be the #1 nas verse ?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the most comfortable shoes ever..

sure, you got your air-max, zoom air, pump, flywire, hyper-dunk and all that.
but the most comfortable kicks of all time, gotta be these nike free joints. i've had em for over a year, and don't rock em regularly,because they aren't 'flossy' enough for everything. but yesterday, the wife surprised me with an all black everything fitted, so i pulled the black free's out of the vault. they weigh about the same as a flip-flop, and they sort of comform to your feet in ways i can't describe. (no homo)
if you need something for work and are on your feet alot at the gig, you can't go wrong with these.

and now, the obligotory music addition to the post, HL's hometown hero, J.Cole.
this is from "the warm up" mixtape, which is much doper than i expected. i'm pretty stoked for cole's LP, which is scheduled to drop sometime in the 4th quarter of 2010.

Friday, October 1, 2010

some of that new shit

more beats from the homie DNTZ. i heard these shits and hit him up on some "yo i wanna post these joints" and he was at the crib with an SD card within the hour. so yeah, i'm determined here. gonna keep posting beats for y'all to rock to.

For Ashley pt 2