Friday, February 11, 2011


LWHRadio makes it's triumphant return this sunday at 5pm EST. this could be our biggest show yet. the ohio MC Stalley is gonna be checking in with us, and of course you can expect nothing but great music and mad awkward dialogue between aaron and myself. hopefully, you can make it thru to check us out and shit.. i wanted to post some of stalley's music for those that might not know.. shouts out to all my 330 kizzas.

Stalley - "330"

also - stream or download stalley's "lincoln way nights : intelligent trunk music" at his bandcamp page. the shit is crack, cooked in the kitchens of ohio. thats all for now, my son took a crap in his diaper and i gotta handle that shit, b. see you degenerates sunday. peace


  1. Coming up in the world I see (II).

  2. i hope so fam..

    i have a funny story about riff raff to tell on the air sunday