Wednesday, February 17, 2010


nah, that's just mos.. i figured i might as well as weigh in on this whole DOOM/not DOOM thing,since i am the resident metal-fingered stan around here. first - it is bullshit for doom to have someone don the mask and try and dupe his obsessively loyal fanbase.. second -while i don't buy the whole "doom is a character, and other actors can play that character" bit, i have learned not to give a fuck. i'm just not gonna go see a doom show. ever. he is a lazy fucker when it comes to this shit. third- i always suspected that in some sick way, doom thinks this is funny, and now i am convinced. sending mos def out to perform in the mask is the ultimate "i don't give a fuck about you" statement to his fans. i find this funny. fourth - to paraphrase a recent conversation i had on this subject.. "if some shit like this happened at some other show, people would riot"..can you imagine a wu-tang concert where half the members didn't show, and they did a shitty, short set? wait.. that was every wu show ! oh, and people did riot... i guess doom isn't afraid of his nerdy white boy fan base gettin live at his show. they probably wouldn't wanna scuff up their limited edition dunks ...

^oh and if you were wondering, i ain't trying to fuck my dunks up.


  1. I don't care what anyone says, This rules. And it's hilarious. And a dream come true.

    I probably would have been suplexing people out of joy, circle pitting... something...

  2. In other words; Wotey, I would fucked yo dunks UP!

  3. also, if you look around a bit there's some footage of doom (played by DOOM this time) at the same show. Let me just take this opportunity to say that I've always gotten a big kick out of the DOOMposter phenomena. This is why you should never, ever pay more than 6 to ten bucks for a show.