Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: Canibus - Melatonin Magik

There is no doubt that Canibus is razor sharp lyrically. But, his past albums have never really been anything special, or at least up to his expected potential. I decided to give this album a try, seeing that it really had no hype around it and I could really try to give an unbiased opinion.

Canibus comes out the gate spitting daggers, and does not stop until the last track. That much you can be sure of. He goes in hard on Eminem on the track "Air Strike (Pop Killer)", which includes samples on Em and Tim Westwood from a past interview when he was discussing a beef with Bis. Also on the hit list are FEMA, The Illuminati, Obama, D12, Def Jam, KRS-One, and Quincy Jones III, among others. He is also accompanied by Professor Griff, from Public Enemy fame, K-Solo, Blaq Poet, DZK, and a few others.

Production wise most tracks fall into the mediocre category, while there are a few that are better than mediocre, none of the tracks are anything 'great' or 'classic'. I think that idea works for this particular project though. Canibus, along with his guests all appear to be lyrically heavy, and this aspect is what grabs your attention throughout the experience. You don't have to wait very long to hear a few quotables. Based on that alone this album is worth a listen. Throughout the album 'Bis makes it clear that he is different from other rappers, and I would have to agree. If you want to hear some gritty, conscious, lyrical hip hop, then I would give this a try. It's by no means a classic, but a decent album.


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