Sunday, September 12, 2010

old white men, is runnin this rap shit

mos goes off. no homo. been bumping this all weekend.
next week, HL and i will be in full argument mode,debating two of the best LP's from the last ten years. til then, beware the tall israeli.
back to the work week tomorrow. peace.


  1. I hate to be like this but since this keeps happening (ahem, Lootpack? Blackalicious?) I gotta say... Fuck you Dave. Me and Ashley had this shit pre-ordered. "The Ecstatic" even > than this album, too, but you don't wanna hear it... I'm tired of being yr musical Cassandra Mane.

    Actually, I'm not tired of it. I enjoy it. But still D, for real, fuck you mane.

  2. I have always liked this shit. Blackalicious and lootpack too. Just not to the extent that u guys did.


    ever see this?

  4. yeah, yeah... I just gotta razz you. Publicly, I guess.