Wednesday, September 8, 2010

some beats

i'll update as i upload..


  1. A I might got some crack rock for that third one in the bunch... it got a Roots-esque feel to it... It could be arranged better but he got a good foundation on it... The 1st two was aiight... The more and more ya homie keep at it he gon have some joints on his hands no homo

  2. Oh I get it. He's Biggie, and you're Puffy.

  3. Do you know what kind of equipment your friend uses?

  4. Hl
    He uses a bunch of shit- mpc2000, cubase,reason, some other Samplers/drum machines

  5. Bsg- more beats coming soon, later today

  6. "Oh I get it. He's Biggie, and you're Puffy. "

    but yeah not a bad sound at all! The first one is my ish.

    As someone whose been messing with reason exclusively for years now, it feels like most of the drums are done on reason.

  7. It's funny you said that about Reason - None of these three beats have a note from reason. The second beat is a straight 16 slice chop from a record, little eq on the end but nothing else, NOFX, no other samples, straight up chop from vinyl. The first track is all stacked drum samples in the mpc and some doors and hendrix loops. The drums in the third one are from a black sabbath song, mad props if you can tell which one - you'd have to be a big sabbath fan or a true digging freak to know it.

    Now, I say this is funny because one of my favorite tricks is to stack rex drum loops in reason, notch them out with filters and then sample that, pitch it up or down to tune to my beat if a sequence needs more drums. So in the next post, there's two beats I did this with.

    To answer another question: I use an MPC 2000xl, korg electribe ea-1, proteus 2000, some other synths, reason 3, and I use an almost antique version of cubase to track my shit. I don't do any fancy soft synth shit in cubase, and any time I use reason I sample from reason in the MPC and sequence it there.