Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what about MY intellectual property ?

good evening internets, that's if you're still livin'.. (i'll stop now)

i've been ridiculously busy, and i tried to re-emerge onto the blogosphere last night, but HL and i were thinking differently about the length of a post, and i need to re-edit my long winded rants so that they jive better with our original idea.. but anyway..

like you, i was anticipating jay electronica's oft delayed "act II" all day on sunday. he has been telling DJ's, bloggers and other scenesters that he wanted to release it on his birthday (sept. 19) and i even heard that he told the audience at one of his shows that it was ready. so, the entire internet seemed to hold it's breath, and f5 it up in hopes that it would finally drop. alot of people were mad skeptical(and rightly so, it would seem)because jay has gone thru a handful of release dates and deadlines before and seems to have no problem lying about it.

so long story short, it didn't drop. there was plenty of "fuck jay elec", as well as a slew of "i told you so's". the real drama began the following day, when a Mr. Carter Whitelow wrote an open letter claiming that HE wrote act II, and some other shit. i won't get into the details, you can read the letter here.basically, dude is claiming that 'act II' wont see the light of day because jay elec stole it. or something. so the story is that 'act II' isn't being released because "legal issues will arise for IP theft" (not IP address, internet talk shit, but intellectual property)

now, walk with me here.. remember when an old video surfaced of jay elec and benzino chopping it up about eminem, jimmy iovine, and satan ?
YOU DON'T? *gasps*
that's because,it was merely a footnote on most of the major blogs, but damn if that video didn't have a lot of fucked up dialogue.. (if you haven't already, you can watch the video here.)

"You ain't waging war against [Eminem]... it's against the same power that's backing George Bush. The same people that Greenspan bow down to, the same people that Bush bow down to, the same people that Jimmy Iovine bow down to. The international banks, that create war."

so this dude is obviously onto some shit. and i say this why? to bring your attention to the biggest conspiracy of them all..

sunday night, i was doing my usual, chopping it up with some of the other hip-hop heads in the nahright comment section, and i made this statement, pretty much just trying to get some laughs from the other jokesters, and i honestly never gave it another thought. i'm posting photographic evidence here, because well....it's deeper than rap..

shouts to the homie, hopp.

now over the next couple days, as i was browsing jay electronica's facebook (his chosen medium to address the carter whitelow allegations) and i saw THIS

so 5 hours after i post a comment on nah, someone takes the EXACT comment and posts it on jay's facebook wall? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS? coincidence? perhaps some lurker/commenter who thought i was funny, and wanted to use my clever wit to take a shot at jay? who is "RealHipHopHead" and how did they get my intellectual property?

..maybe. or maybe there are bigger things at work here. maybe the same people who jacked my comment are the same people who got bush into office? maybe the people who 'swagger-jacked' me are the same people who are trying to get satan's icy grip all over hip-hop ?

...it's deeper than rap.


  1. Worldstar may be the most unbiased hiphop site, because I think they're the only blog to run that Benzino video. That was weird.

    That's some crazy stuff. Especially since the name "Real Hiphophead" is mad generic.

    Spooky shit. Dope post.

  2. and peep this, i e-mailed the poster, and got NO repsonse. what if it's a bot profile, like a computer generated gig, and it is scanning our comments and re-applying them to other spots on the net... ?

    spooky shit, indeed..

  3. Wow..thats sad, not that someone copied a comment on nah. But that they didnt copy me...I clearly have superior wit.

  4. @cypher
    this was not even my funniest joke at the expense of jay elec/act2. not sure why they chose this one.

  5. smh at Nah's reading comprehension. I'm going to just assume they didn't actually the post.

  6. @HL
    i'm sayin.. i thought maybe i was fucking up
    glad you got the gist.

  7. Troubleshooter19009/22/2010 1:05 AM

    Good stuff Abort. Keep it up.

  8. Maybe "Real Hiphop Head" is your long lost twin, and you guys communicate telepathically. Like when he gets a paper cut you feel the pain as well. No homo.

  9. yo - no lie - i was just about to go to sleep, and i picked up my phone, and RealHIpHOpHead replied to my e mail. no fronting, he was just like "oh yeah, i guess i did see that on nah, my bad"
    so maybe it's not deeper than rap ?

    but at least i spun it into a decent post.

  10. Maybe "Real Hiphop Head" is your long lost twin, and you guys communicate telepathically. Like when he gets a paper cut you feel the pain as well. No homo.

    i have been getting this weird pain in my arm lately....

  11. " shouts to the homie, hopp. "

    lol. * daps *

    " Maybe "Real Hiphop Head" is your long lost twin "

    I was gonna aim at somethin' closer, here. Maybe abordotronic IS Real HipHopHead and, while he's already planning his next move wit' his future alias, he's gettin' our focus on this one here.

    About the letter, tho, it's crazy how meticulously written that shit is, fam. I usually discard the possibility of shit like this right away, but I don't kno' 'bout this one ...

  12. "I guess I did see that on nah...." dude copied and pasted that shit.
    Maybe you should start copyrighting your blog comments. The windows ALT key code for the copyright symbol is 0169.

  13. " The windows ALT key code for the copyright symbol is 0169. "


  14. RealHipHopHead friend requested me.

    What's next? An invitation to attend proceedings at the Masonic lodge?

    Shit just got serious.

  15. Keep us updated on that.

  16. @hopp

    i don't think it's gonna turn into any craziness. dude just seems like a normal hip-hop fan. he just jocked my shit bc he thought it was funny and thought jay-e should read it. it's deaded.
    sucks too, because i really liked "enemy of the state"

  17. How did he find u, tho ? Does he read this blog ?

    Is he reading this now ?

    Hi, Real HipHopHead. No shots, fam. Just jokes. Don't put my name on any ritual ...

  18. Hahaha... Man, I thought I was the paranoidest kid in NE Ohio... Got the internets back up, BTW...

    Still scratching my head at what people see in J.E. tho...

  19. mediafire.com/?tjmmz22nmuk

    try that dmitri - i think it's right up your alley. if you don't like those joints, i give up as far as trying to convert you to a jay-e head.

  20. Pretty wild. I'm not head over heels or anything. That was impressive, and you can't go wrong sampling a movie I like sampling myself. Anything else I should hear?

  21. I forgot to mention - I love that term, "Intellectual Property". As soon as I hear or see something, I consider it my IP. We have all these systems of media in place bombarding us all the time, if we like it or not. If I'm sick of hearing about (Insert famous name here) I can turn the TV off, but I'm still gonna have to hear about it from friends, overheard conversations, billboards and other print, etc. Really you can't protect yourself from other people's intellectual property any more than you can protect your IP from being ripped off by other people. "Nobody couldn't do nothing once he let the brick go". You put an idea out there, other people will run with it, even if it's a stupid idea, some dumbass will come along and claim yr shame from you. This is why I sleep with my beats under my pillow and only let them see free air and light in safe, secret places, like between my ears. It's not that I think my shit is so great - Been thinking about it a lot lately, and I think a lot of my work is a kinetic reflection of the stagnation, boredom, lassitude, and all around monotony of life where I live. So it moves-in-place a lot, repeats, gets boring, then flips and goes weird, or just stops dead - cause that's life in the 330; boring, repetitive, standing in place and then it's all fuckin destroyed and fucked up and then it's over.

    BTW what kind of douchebag copies and pastes someone else's comment into a facebook thread? it's not intellectual theft so much as it is a Bozo NoNo of far more significant proportions... If it's ok to do some foolish shit like that our culture might be finally and fatally bankrupt in a way that all the Iraqs and Guantanamos could not prepare us to understand...