Sunday, September 5, 2010

a charles hamilton post?

Charles Oakley, from the nah c-section sent me this a week or so ago, but i don't know if he compiled the list or if it was simply the passing along of a link, as i am doing now. now i've always been on some "fuck that dude" (pause)due to his seemingly god-given gift to be a fuck up and do/say things that cause him to be looked at in a negative light in one way or another.he he did that dumb shit where he put dilla's name on the back of his free album, he got hit by a girl, he lost a battle to a fan, and he drops mixtapes about as often as a basehead thinks about crack. so it should come as no surprise to you, if you are following along at home, that "sonic" has dropped about 10 dope cuts in the last few years. so yeah, this doesn't mean he's a dope mc by any means, but when at the tippy top of his potential,he can make a decent mixtape song. here's a handfull of them.

the best charles hamilton can do

this may not be what most would consider a shining endorsement. i mean, i realize i pretty much just trashed dude's career, but you wouldn't believe how many people have requested that someone sift through the thousands of mixtape songs, and find the best of the bunch. well, here they are. if only charles would have a quality over quantity type approach to releasing music, maybe people would take him seriously? i mean, you can be a fucking douchebag all you want, if you deliver dope product, right kanye?

also, i wanted to add, that there are a couple joints off "normalcy" that aren't on this compilation, that i actually really dig, so ima throw those up here, in true LightWeightLazy style, a youtube embed.

and just because no charles hamilton post would be complete without what is quite possibly the GOAT .gif, here's this -

shouts to Charles Oakley *daps*


  1. " you can be a fucking douchebag all you want, if you deliver dope product, right kanye? "

    This was beautiful.

    And yo, I swear I was about to ask some c-section specialists if This Perfect Life worth a download. Can you help me wit' this ?

  2. i cannot...however, i can tell you that not a single track off "perfect life" was on this comp.

    the comp itself, is pretty dope.. even gave some tracks repeat spins

  3. I wonder how much different his career would have been if he came out in say the late 90's (Mos, Pun, DMX, NORE, Canibus, etc). Dude can obviously rap, but the over exposure that comes with the "internet era" killed his career it seems.

    With that said, I ain't never been a fan of dude.

  4. the over exposure that comes with the "internet era" killed his career it seems.
    yup. the internet hype machine sorta made him, and then after that dilla fiasco, they pretty much broke him down.

  5. " even gave some tracks repeat spins "

    After some time following the blog, this actually seems to be a pretty unlikely scenario for yourself.

    I'll give this compilation a listen, but yeah, I'm thinking about checking the shelved album first.

    I already got a bad feeling about it, tho. I ain't never seem no one co-sign it ...

  6. yo HL, i was just on the smoking section, and i saw they had linked to your kanye/black milk post in the "smoke break" section.. that's pretty dope man


  7. @Abortatron Oh word? Damn, I'll have to check that out. I'm subscribed to that blog but I haven't checked it today. That's dope.

  8. I never would have caught that. Hopefully some crazy Kanye stans drop some comments. That would be interesting.

  9. yeah.. i think smoking section has some really well written hip-hop content, so i was like wait, is that the same ye/bm post i think it is? so, yeah.. props homie