Thursday, December 30, 2010


the end of our rookie season, so to speak.

let's recap - started a blog, ignored it for awhile, got married, returned to blog game, took over the blog game, bullied our way onto the online radio, got banned from a radio station, took over u-stream, and laid down the intro for a dope ass album.

i'd say LightWeightHeavy industries won in 2010.

*rza's it up*
i wanna drop some links for all my people across the globe - japan,germany,sweden, but first, lemme say this - it's all good to show love to a blogger.. but stop bitin' my shit.. we told you on the cuban linx post - stop bitin' from my kizzas. now everybody wanna change their fuckin name.. come from your own heart with this shit..

anyway - i'm too lazy to compile my own compilation and make a thorough list, but i would be fuckin' up if i didn't send you to these 2 spots to cop up on some best of 2010

peep the homie HL's whole top 50 saga here put together a .zip of that good, get it here

also - make sure you go check out shellz, spitgame, and lito on bandcamp. the EP is done(it's crack) and an LP is in the works. donate these fools a dollar and cop that EP here

and of course, check out our weekly radio show/podcast every sunday @ 5-7pm EST here

overall, 2010 was great for hip-hop. i'm not gonna do the whole countdown thing, but i will say that we got G.O.O.D fridays, 3 RAWSE projects, pilot talk 1 and 2,a ghostface album, marcberg, and a bunch of other shit. it was pretty great. we didn't however, get a new lupe, act II, detox, or greatest story never told, but it appears that some of those will drop in 2011.... i'm not holding my breath tho..

thanks for tuning in so far. 2011 is gonna be insane.

shouts and *daps* to everyone and anyone who ever read anything here, commented, contributed, plagiarized anything i wrote, or listened to the show. big ups to my bomb atomically peoples. i'ma shut up tho..

don't drink and drive, don't ride dirty, and no homo

*slams down mic*

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