Thursday, December 2, 2010

outsourced ?

so, you may not know this, but i actually like alot of other music besides hip-hop. alot of it is really weird, obscure shit. so i'm wasting time on the internet, and this trash heap of a show called "outsourced" is on in the background, and i hear a gem - Secret Chiefs 3's "renunciation" .. this shit is so obscure.. i was shocked. anyway, i thought i'd post this live version, because this shit is fucking incredible.think traditional arabian music meets reggae meets metal. enjoy, or maybe not. maybe instead, you'll just think I'm a weirdo. *shrugs*


  1. Wow. I wish I still had an MPC.

  2. Why? To sample this?

    Tell me this shit isn't incredible.
    I could hip you to some #whiteboyGems(ll)


    HL - check this out, if you dug that SC3

    it's a (sort of) similar band. they did a cover album of a bunch of movie scores. this particular one is a cover of "twin peaks : fire walk with me"

  4. That's dope. What's the name of the album?

  5. The directors cut. It's all covers. There's 2 others that are amazing too, but they are a little more 'out there'..I'd definitely Start with the directors cut- it's one of my favorite albums ever from any genre. Also , check out "California" by Mr. Bungle - it's similar, but all originals, and more pop rock, less metal

  6. I heard it in outsourced too, I'm glad you posted something about it. It had been remixed so it sounded a little different. Tre Spruance, SC3's composer, was in Mr. Bungle with Mike Patton who is the lead of Phantomas. I prefer Spruance's work to Patton without Spruance. "white boy gems' where do most samples come from?

  7. I'm glad it wasn't my imagination! It was a purely accoustic arrangement in the background.

  8. @anonymous - i know all about tre. he's dope. patton too. i stan hard (n) for all that shit.

    and #whiteboygems is just a joke, bro.. i'm white LOL.. but really, most samples come from either jazz or soul records. as far as what i fuck with, anyway. thanks for checkin out the blog.

    @ethan - yo, i was CRAZY shocked. SC3 on tv ? WTF? ..

    sn - how did either of you stumble upon this site?