Friday, December 3, 2010

why not ?

so i posted some non-rap last night, and it got a much better response than i thought, and i figured why not post some more of this dopeness? this is one of my favorite people ever to walk the face of the earth in the history of mankind. (pause)
my stannery for mike patton is a well kept secret among my hip-hop friends. but fuck it, if you can't appreciate this shit, then fuck it. this is holy ghost music.
if your wondering, it's from a project titled "mondo cane" and features patton and a full orchestra, re-working old italian pop songs from the 50's and 60's. i highly recommend the album, if you fucks with this kinda shit. and just because i don't want my loyal readership to think i've gone all kizza on you guys, here's a mobb deep song, just for the fuck of it.


  1. The enemy is one time.

  2. Dope ass song. Sounds like some mafia shit.

  3. Illuminate my team glow like, radiation with no time for patience or complication.