Thursday, September 30, 2010

for ashley


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

in regards to fusions.

i love sneakers. duh. everyone does. well, except DNTZ. he only fucks with chuck taylors and doc martins. that being said, i also hate on alot of shoes in ways that people who aren't sneaker heads wouldn't really understand. so let's speak on the air jordan-air force one hybrids that have been making me sick for a few years now. they are ugly. they look clunky. they just suck. it always amazed me that they could take a super ill, classic, historic shoe like say... the jordan 6, and turn it into something absolutely repulsive like this.

see what i'm talking about??

so imagine my surprise when a few months back, jordan and nike decided to start fusing classic jordan designs with the sacred air max line. and guess what? this time, they got it right. peep the jordan 11/ airmax1 blend..

dope, right? yeah, but not quite postworthy. well today, i stumbled upon these jordan 12/air max 97 fusions

bravo, jordan brand. bravo.

so anyway, there's that. but i also feel obligated to post a joint for you to listen to since you're here. so here's some black milk and friends.

sn - i'm working on getting an online radio show soon. pretty gassed about it. stay tuned. peace.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what about MY intellectual property ?

good evening internets, that's if you're still livin'.. (i'll stop now)

i've been ridiculously busy, and i tried to re-emerge onto the blogosphere last night, but HL and i were thinking differently about the length of a post, and i need to re-edit my long winded rants so that they jive better with our original idea.. but anyway..

like you, i was anticipating jay electronica's oft delayed "act II" all day on sunday. he has been telling DJ's, bloggers and other scenesters that he wanted to release it on his birthday (sept. 19) and i even heard that he told the audience at one of his shows that it was ready. so, the entire internet seemed to hold it's breath, and f5 it up in hopes that it would finally drop. alot of people were mad skeptical(and rightly so, it would seem)because jay has gone thru a handful of release dates and deadlines before and seems to have no problem lying about it.

so long story short, it didn't drop. there was plenty of "fuck jay elec", as well as a slew of "i told you so's". the real drama began the following day, when a Mr. Carter Whitelow wrote an open letter claiming that HE wrote act II, and some other shit. i won't get into the details, you can read the letter here.basically, dude is claiming that 'act II' wont see the light of day because jay elec stole it. or something. so the story is that 'act II' isn't being released because "legal issues will arise for IP theft" (not IP address, internet talk shit, but intellectual property)

now, walk with me here.. remember when an old video surfaced of jay elec and benzino chopping it up about eminem, jimmy iovine, and satan ?
YOU DON'T? *gasps*
that's because,it was merely a footnote on most of the major blogs, but damn if that video didn't have a lot of fucked up dialogue.. (if you haven't already, you can watch the video here.)

"You ain't waging war against [Eminem]... it's against the same power that's backing George Bush. The same people that Greenspan bow down to, the same people that Bush bow down to, the same people that Jimmy Iovine bow down to. The international banks, that create war."

so this dude is obviously onto some shit. and i say this why? to bring your attention to the biggest conspiracy of them all..

sunday night, i was doing my usual, chopping it up with some of the other hip-hop heads in the nahright comment section, and i made this statement, pretty much just trying to get some laughs from the other jokesters, and i honestly never gave it another thought. i'm posting photographic evidence here, because's deeper than rap..

shouts to the homie, hopp.

now over the next couple days, as i was browsing jay electronica's facebook (his chosen medium to address the carter whitelow allegations) and i saw THIS

so 5 hours after i post a comment on nah, someone takes the EXACT comment and posts it on jay's facebook wall? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS? coincidence? perhaps some lurker/commenter who thought i was funny, and wanted to use my clever wit to take a shot at jay? who is "RealHipHopHead" and how did they get my intellectual property?

..maybe. or maybe there are bigger things at work here. maybe the same people who jacked my comment are the same people who got bush into office? maybe the people who 'swagger-jacked' me are the same people who are trying to get satan's icy grip all over hip-hop ?'s deeper than rap.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

old white men, is runnin this rap shit

mos goes off. no homo. been bumping this all weekend.
next week, HL and i will be in full argument mode,debating two of the best LP's from the last ten years. til then, beware the tall israeli.
back to the work week tomorrow. peace.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

more beats from the 330

so the other night, i found an old track that me and my dude (ll) threw together. it got mixed reviews. i realize that everyone on the internet is an outstanding rapper, i however do not claim to be. but i will stand by the claim that my homie does make some nice beats, so i wanted to up a few more joints, including the instrumental from the track from the other night. i took a lot of heat for being an awful rapper, and i'm cool with that, but i wanna make believers outta the haters as far as these beats go.. so here's a few more.. tell me what you think..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

some beats

i'll update as i upload..

Sunday, September 5, 2010


is that what it's gonna be this week? stay tuned for kanye karaoke.. cole spazzed. he's winning people over.


a charles hamilton post?

Charles Oakley, from the nah c-section sent me this a week or so ago, but i don't know if he compiled the list or if it was simply the passing along of a link, as i am doing now. now i've always been on some "fuck that dude" (pause)due to his seemingly god-given gift to be a fuck up and do/say things that cause him to be looked at in a negative light in one way or another.he he did that dumb shit where he put dilla's name on the back of his free album, he got hit by a girl, he lost a battle to a fan, and he drops mixtapes about as often as a basehead thinks about crack. so it should come as no surprise to you, if you are following along at home, that "sonic" has dropped about 10 dope cuts in the last few years. so yeah, this doesn't mean he's a dope mc by any means, but when at the tippy top of his potential,he can make a decent mixtape song. here's a handfull of them.

the best charles hamilton can do

this may not be what most would consider a shining endorsement. i mean, i realize i pretty much just trashed dude's career, but you wouldn't believe how many people have requested that someone sift through the thousands of mixtape songs, and find the best of the bunch. well, here they are. if only charles would have a quality over quantity type approach to releasing music, maybe people would take him seriously? i mean, you can be a fucking douchebag all you want, if you deliver dope product, right kanye?

also, i wanted to add, that there are a couple joints off "normalcy" that aren't on this compilation, that i actually really dig, so ima throw those up here, in true LightWeightLazy style, a youtube embed.

and just because no charles hamilton post would be complete without what is quite possibly the GOAT .gif, here's this -

shouts to Charles Oakley *daps*