Sunday, August 29, 2010

a lost classic ?

call me crazy, but "iphantom", mr' lif's debut LP is a fucking classic.

you might be asking yourself

"what's an iphantom?"

"mr. lif ? the probation officer?"

nah. maybe you've heard of him. but maybe not. and i bet you don't think about this album when you think of classic.i spend alot of time online, and have never heard anyone mention mr. lif ever.

i'm sayin -
beats - el p and the other def juxies provide a prefect cinematic backdrop for lif, but not to the point of it being too "out there" for more traditional boom bap fans.

concept - lif uses the album to just talk about the boring, mundane details of the everyday grind. work, relationships, and dreams of something better for himself, the main character. some skits add to the continuity of the story,and even the liner notes play along.

lyrics - lif doesn't do anything dazzling with his wordplay. your favorite comment section mc could probably could probably rhyme "make sense" and "make cents" or blow you away with some wild shit, but lif sticks to the script here, spinning a 14 track story rhyme, and keeping your interest the whole way through.funny, i did a post with HL about story told in rhyme form, and i totally forgot about this album. this shit definitely deserves mention in that conversation, and just shows how forgotten this joint really is..

i could continue trying to make a case for this album, but you should probably just listen to it.. especially if you never have. so here's this.

or.. if you wanna be the responsible hip -hop head, here's this which will stream the whole album,in order on youtube. it should anyway. there was this weird toolbar on the screen, and it just played the whole album.

i forget what my original idea was for this post now, but it was something like, "i phantom is awesome, i wonder if anyone else knows, something something"
so if you don't know, you need to. i guess ? that's what i was trying to say. i gotta stop smoking at the computer.


  1. Ok, now I remember this album. Live at the plantation was my shit.

    LF: Vast Aire has one of the illest MC voices ever IMO.

  2. @hl - i am baffled that this album doesnt get more recognition

  3. I mean, lif doesn't really get attention for anything, why should this be different?. This album is amazing, and 1/2 of...fugg what was the last one called? was real nice. I feel like ppl front b/c of the voice. Post Mortem is up there for the best posse cut ever made imo.

  4. and also thx for the dl. I had not gotten it for my new comp, and would've forgotten to get it for a long time.

    But to belabor a point,it's not much of an overstatement to equate the "why do ppl front on iphantom?" question to, say,"why ppl still fronting on Hangar 18's debut?" true, lif was more a flagship artist on jux,but still.

    and to clarify, i mean 1/2 of mo mega was real good. I haven't checked out "I heard it today"

  5. also, password for the rapishare download?

  6. Deacon- do u usually post under a different name? Or are u new here? Either way, appreciate ur feedback.
    I didn't know the rapidshare link was pw protected. Lemme find another link

  7. And alot of lif's stuff is ass cheeks(ll)
    That group he did with those other dudes
    Was awful. I forget the name. And I didn't like mo mega either. Maybe he set the bar too high with this ?

  8. @deacon :

    Password :

  9. Hopp
    Is there a secret way to figure that out? Cuz that would come in handy

  10. @abortatron

    nah, never posted before, but i've been lurking, as i do on most of the rap sites/blogs i'll hit up. i try to keep the same name.

    Buuut yeah, i think i got here through droptops n stacylattisaw tapes. and the post on the next potential rap classic struck a chord, so i bookmarked.

    BTW, for the record, i'm banking on Act II being it. At least cuz doom is a reclusive recording hermit.


    Thx man.

  11. " Is there a secret way to figure that out? "

    You can say that ...

    Askin' me is a way ...

  12. Deacon said...

    Buuut yeah, i think i got here through droptops n stacylattisaw tapes.



  13. @ Abortatron


    J.Cole has a damn good chance as well.

  14. roff @ tastemaker HL. pause

  15. Perceptionists... Again, the curse of shit I've been trying to shove down peoples throats since they dropped strikes... In my top three. Shit makes me cry, and I don't care what anybody thinks about it.

  16. that is I Phantom, perceptionists shit was pretty weak

  17. props for posting this by the way, it needs to get more play in the world in general.

  18. @ntz

    Stop calling me Dave online. All my fans are gonna track me down by my

  19. bah. ok, Amos.

    But seriously, how many times do you expect me to type "Abort"?

  20. It was a joke. But u could call me 'tron' or 'dave'. Or whatever. Glad to have u as a regular commenter