Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roc Marciano- "scarface"

one of my favorite albums to come out this year, i just found out that they are re-issuing Marcberg with a few bonus heaters on it. anyone heard anything about that "grown man rap crew" that sean price was talking about a few months back? i need that in my iPod. anyway, this is one of the bonus cuts on said re-release. side note - how fucking ILL is roc marci's production? it's like a time capsule..takes me right back to 97. some of these beats would fit right in with wu-tangs early catalog.


  1. Dope ass song. Where's that from?

  2. *scoffs*

    did you even read the post?

    kidding, but yea.i guess they are reissuing the marcberg album with a few bonus joints

  3. I thought he said Reloaded was a completely new album. Nice track though. I've been looking for the movie he samples throughout the album but I can't find it. It's called "The Cool". Came out in the 70's I believe.