Saturday, November 13, 2010

LightWeightHeavyRadio - "return of the king" edition

so if you've been following so far (no twitter) you already know that in the span of 4 weeks, LWH radio was born, flourished, and died. i'm happy to announce that tomorrow, LWH radio will be returning to the airwaves. same bat-time, different bat-channel.

LightWeightHeavyRadio on U-stream

so tomorrow, we will be back, and better than ever. playing whatever the fuck we want. u-stream provides us everything we need.... we can chat with the listeners, and y'all can now be more interactive. the shit is gonna be bananas. big-ups to Hopp for giving us the idea to use u-stream.

try as they may to crucify us, hate us, sully our good name.... we won't stop. can't stop.


  1. Have you sent a link to the guy over at rukusradio already so he can check out the audience ?

    Jus' sayin'.

  2. nah hopp.. i wanna see if he's lurking my blog