Saturday, November 13, 2010

forgotten jewell

props to G7 from the c-section for dropping this today. as if you needed a reminder of Rza's greatness.

Yo yo assassination vaccination poor education
infatuation with Satan with global nataion taxation
Fiberoptic microscopic biological germ
Mad Cow burger on the market, Captain a nigga starship
I never departed once I started
to explore these regions that was uncharted
Leave your heart broken, y'all stand tall
like buildings on Van Dyke's, all mics
Beats strike like a noisy four train late night
Chase got New York for the Life, we out of state
Can't smoke a bone in the staircase with out gettin chased
Penny candy poisonous rappers, best to chill or get your head gashed
Lemonhead, sour Pez kids, best to grab
a Life Savor, I'll Jawbreak ya, Boston Bake ya
Then plant my sunflower seed on every square acre
The beauty of my nature shown through Shaquaisha I Mecca
When I made myself Equality, known to my reflector
Stay in your playpen boy, and babble for your formula and cried
you pacified, this lullaby from the black butterfly

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