Monday, November 22, 2010

LWHRadio - only built for u-stream links

so, i would like to embed the show here, but it starts playing automatically, and i really hate that. so i'm just gonna drop links here and you can go to the shows page and play it from there. i would hate to discourage anyone from stopping by my blog to read about my jay-z stannery because a jay-z song starts playing automatically everytime you open the page. so here they are, for those that missed the live broadcasts.

LWHRadio 11/21/2010

LWHRadio 11/14/2010

SN - if you aren't catching the live broadcasts, you are losing. i'm not trying to brag here, because the greatness has very little to do with me. the message board has become the best part of the show. tune in, kizzas - sundays @ 5pm EST.

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