Sunday, August 8, 2010

am i the only one who's never heard this ?

this reminds me of old DOOM/radiohead type shit. it's actually from something called Chris Craft and is called "hooks is extra"


this is a video of madlib spinning a "madvillain" song which is rumored to have leaked last night, but i can't find it. best believe that if i do, i'll be posting it here. if someone can help me find that shit, dope. anyway, the alleged song is called "travis911" which supposedly contains audio clips of the 911 call from when travis the chimp took xanax and ate all those peoples faces.. so yeah. i pretty much need that shit.

oh yeah- shouts to Knowrisk for linking me the video. still no Mp3


  1. How does the madvillian song sound. I can't hear it on my phone.

  2. it sounds rough. what i heard was that there was a very low quality mv track floating around, and im guessing it was just a rip of this. DOOM does his thing, but you can't really hear the beat

  3. That Madvillian sounds ILL!!!