Monday, August 16, 2010

who flipped it better ?

here we have one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop. "nautilus" by Bob James. released in 1974, and chopped up by one dope producer after another. who flipped it best though? there are so many different parts to be cut up here.. i'll pick a few of my favorites...

first, the OG

there are like a million more that sampled the iconic track, these are just a few of my favorites. i think the fact that every part of the song is loopable on it's own is so dope. these joints don't even sound like they sampled the same shit,because there is so much choppable shit here. anyway, who flipped "nautilus" better?


  1. I'd probably go with Daytona 500. Even though it's pretty much identical to an EPMD beat. Shit is just raw, and has one of my favorite videos.

    Never knew Double Trouble sampled Nautilus. That's one of my personal favorite Roots tracks. I wish they would record an album closer to Things Fall Apart or Illadelph. Probably have to wait until Black Thought decides to go solo for that though.

  2. Funny - That's my absolute least fav track on Ironman, one of my least favorite wu tracks pre-2000 actually. What's funny about it is that "Double Trouble" is one of my favorite Mos Def guest joints... I once made a mix of it that was just the Mos parts - a bit tricky since he insists on dropping in halfway through the measure every time and I did the mix with a minidisk deck... blah. I'm drinking and I'm stuck at home, I'm prob gonna have a bunch of shit to say about everything.