Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so act II is coming for real?


ok so, i know i said i wanted to start doing more here, so let's talk about this. i've discussed how i feel about jay electronica before. when he dropped "exhibit-c" he got peoples attention. the internet was going nuts.there was talk of a jay/just blaze mixtape called "act II" that was dropping, and heads were excited. why wouldn't they be? we finally had a true artist who embodied everything we want in an mc. bars? flow? charisma? all there. around christmas, just blaze tweeted that act II would be delivered by the holiday. welp,that came and went. then justin PROMISED that on new years day, we would have act II. nope. then sometime around spring, jay said he was waiting on nas verses to complete the project. i think the whole hip-hop scene was like "oh. well i can wait another month if we get jay elec and nas together". but guess what? still, no act II. summer is here, and most people would answer the same way if you asked them - "fuck jay electronica". people are pissed. we (hop-hop heads) have put alot of stock in you, jay. and you've gonna and pulled a dr. dre on us? i think we all figured you were above that. some even doubt the existence of the mixtape, like maybe it was all a lie. then jay was on twitter saying that he was doubting himself. he realizes how high peoples expectations are of him, and he is afraid act II will disappoint. GTFOH

then yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, DJ semtex drops this interview,and now jay is saying that it is done. and he wants to drop it by his birthday, september 19th. semtex says that he has heard it, and it is everything your hoping for, times 10.

so with all that being said, what do you make of all this? has jay pissed you off with all these delays to the point that you won't bother with act II? cut it out. if this tape is anything like we are ALL expecting, jay electronica will have finally arrived.


  1. ... That was quick.

    " semtex says that he has heard it, and it is everything your hoping for, times 10. "

    That's radio talk. I'll believe it when I hear it.

  2. yo hopp.. good point. but still. i can't help but be excited.

  3. He has pissed me off, but only because I enjoys his music so much. I'll be the first one to download/purchase whatever he drops.

    It's hard to imagine a handful of Jay Elec songs involving Nas, Mos Def, and Just Blaze not being 10 times dope though.

  4. almost september 10. this shit better be real