Thursday, August 12, 2010

part 3

first we had the post, then the tracklist, now you can get the tape

75 Greatest Motion Pictures Compilation

note - these are what Hl and I consider the greatest stories from the greatest storytellers. i realize not everything is on here. we had to draw the line somewhere, i mean who wants to DL a 1500 track comp?

in other news, my cousin is improving, and made it through the first round of surgeries today with no complications. thanks for your concern.
oh.. and that J.Cole song that you saw on every blog today, but passed on..get that shit.that kid just might be the real deal...


  1. So that means he made it even further than the brain surgery, then. Great to hear that.

    And that Cole track is really fire. He usually says leaks are leftovers. If that's the case ... Damn ...

  2. Hope your cousin continues to improve man.

    Nosign on that J Cole track though. I can't get jiggy to that shit. lol

  3. whaaaaaaaaat?

    that cole joint not gully enough for you?

    man.. i think his album is gonna suprise people..

  4. I don't know man, dude's music just ain't for me I guess.

  5. J Cole is a good rapper in theory, just like Freddie Gibbs. They did they're homework, and I respect that. But nothing about their style is orginal or interesting IMO.

  6. i guess so.. sometimes, i think dope bars over a dope beat are enough. i don't think the kid is the 2nd coming or anything.. he's not even jay electronica dope. but cole got some shit. i wasn't even on board initially, but these last few joints won me over

  7. True. The question is are his bars dope if they don't hold your attention. Even rappers like Currency, who aren't great at all can create memorible verses. Not sure if J Cole can do that.