Friday, August 6, 2010

LightWeightHeavy presents - HeavyShit Vol.1

so, this isn't anything grounbreaking, it's just a collection of really good hip-hop that cholera and i threw together last night(pause).. Not providing a tracklist, because i want people to be at least a little suprised when they dump it into itunes and see what they have. i can assure you, there is only great hip-hop on here. Dilla, Doom, Wu and the like. get it, or don't. some good stuff for your weekend, though.

LightWeightHeavy presents- HeavyShit Vol.1

i'm not sure on the order of the tracks but here's whats on that comp, for those who wanted a tracklist

intro's, outro's and interludes by j dilla

u god - train trussle

method_man and redman- im dope nigga

lupe fiasco - turnt up freestyle

gravediggaz -2 cups of blood,

mos def - crime and medicine

nas- rewind

count bass d feat DOOM- quite buttery

sean price - da god

clipse - keys open doors

ghostface - mighty healthy

saigon - fuck you

count bass d - dolla bill

doom and sean p - the unexpected

antipop connsortium - what am i

deltron - memory loss

beans, young chris, freeway - last 2


  1. No tracklist? It's all good, I'll download it anyway a little later.

  2. nah.. we were gonna do a tracklist, but i kind of liked the idea that someone might be pleasantly suprised by some of the selections. it may cause some people to NOT download, but oh well. it's good music.

  3. *daps the homie oh4werd*

  4. yo remix - this ain't oh4werd's spot.. it's mine lol

    #noshots @ oh4werd.

  5. my bad fam... i coulda SWORN you two were one and the same... still.. nice blog...

  6. "sean price - da god"

    ^This shit right HERE!!! Nice playlist...

  7. shit, I've been looking for a copy of that dwight spitz track FOREVER. Thank you, sirs.