Thursday, August 19, 2010

the remix or the OG ? (jay-z edition)

a question that comes up often,was the remix > the original? -

first, my son's favorite jay song,allure. just blaze or the neptunes? i remember on "fade to black" pharrell said this was the character in carlito's way setting up for on more score. but you gotta go with justin on this right?

this one is too close to call. i always imagined a young kanye doing his best to outdo fellow up and comer(ll)just blaze on the remix. hov liked the new beat enough to drop all new bars too.and sure, the OG has biz,tip,and ricky d on the hook,but rumors of a now deceased king of pop having an uncredited cameo on the yeezy edition give the remix version the edge.

i could go on and on here. what about jay murdering other people's shit? what when he gets on someone else's beat on the radio and airs that shit out? but then i'd be stanning. instead, i'll throw in what is arguably the greatest remix ever. pete rock's re-tooling of public enemy's "shut em down"


  1. Allure isn't a good song IMO, regardless of the beat.

    I love the original Girls Girls Girls. The remix is kinda weak cause they went overboard with the vocal samples on that one IMO.

  2. 'Sup, fam.

    I don't kno' if you're following through with your plan of cutting off work Nah, but I did, thursday.

    Third day today. And I'm still alive.

  3. whatuup hopp...yeah.. sometimes i'll check shit out on lunch break real quick from my phone, but i've been behaving