Saturday, July 24, 2010

in regards to jay electronica...

you know, this guy catches mad shit over his quote unquote work ethic, but yesterday, i was listening to "eternal sunshine" and the "exhibits" and it caused me to realize...this dude is the truth. he is deserving of the hype. i remember when exhibit c was at it's peak, and people on nahright were saying this dude was Nas, that this dude was gonna make the next classic(maybe that was ME that said that heh)the craziest comment tho, was when someone said "jay elect's next record will uplift the people of haiti in their time of need" .. wow. so maybe he was a bit overhyped, maybe he doesn't have an album yet..or a mixtape. or maybe he does have one that just needs the finishing touches. sure, maybe he's lazy. maybe he is just making sure he gets it right to andre young levels of perfectionism (is that a word? if not, make sure you credit me, going forward)maybe he doesn't have to drop an album, or a mixtape. this dude has put together some of the craziest shit i have ever heard. eternal sunshine is epic, beautiful, and amazing. if anyone ever challenged that hip-hop is not art, i would play them that. if anyone ever said "hip hop is dead", i would bust out the exhibits. i just felt compelled to sit down and write this, only because in this ultra fickle internet hype machine, we are quick to co-sign, and quick to dismiss. but jay e has dropped these heat rocks that have achieved heights that some rappers will never even begin to dream about. and for that, we should applaud that man. he doesn't EVER have to drop actII, i just hope he does. peace.


  1. I don't think he's lazy. People forget how long of a wait there was between Live at the BBQ and Illmatic. I truthfully just think he's willing to release music on his own terms. The Nas comparisons are a little premature only because Nas has like a dozen albums, and has relevent to people who like hiphop since like 92'. But JE has the most potential to be a legend out of all newer rappers IMO...

  2. i agree. it's funny how the internet can turn on you (i.e. charles hamilton)
    my thing was, i realized that jay elec has provided me with some good shit, and for that, i'm thankful. even if he doesnt put out anything else. ever.
    but i hope he does. and i agree with u , he has mad potential. and prob is doing it his way.
    his features have not disapointed lately, so u know he still got it

  3. Good post. I mean if you've ever seen him in an interview or anything then you can see he's not your typical musician, let alone rapper. It doesn't surprise me then that he Would want to do things on his own terms. I really think he doesn't care about the commercial aspect at all or any part of music as an industry for that matter.