Tuesday, July 20, 2010

amy amy amy

so i love amy winehouse. not just her music, that goes without saying.i love HER. her antics, her quotes, her arrest record.. i would not want to date her. she's pretty hit, and she would constantly be calling you crying, blacked out and shit, always getting arrested, etc etc.. but i would be her friend for sure.
anyway,rumor has it that ms. amy is in the lab working on album #3, and i hope she can pull it together long enough to bless us with another classic. i wanted to post an amy song, just because, and i chose this one, because it never really caught my ear when i first got into "back to black" but now it's up there as a favorite with the others. i've talked alot about classics, and that album is most definitely a certified 5 star classic.

also, i can't listen to amy without thinking of ashley. we miss you, fam. love you.

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  1. You know, I totally would date Amy Winehouse. I would probably fuckin marry her strung out, crack gnome ass. Imma fucking idiot, I think.