Sunday, July 11, 2010

another reason i'm salty about LBJ

so i'm over the lebron saga. i'm not, but ima pretend, for the sake of my family. they don't wanna see me be a little bitch about this shit. but for real, i didn't realize the impact he had on ohio, and especially cleveland. on the news, they are taking down the "witness" mural, and all the LBJ propaganda. I'm really pissed about the sneaker situation and my son is salty, because i had promised him Lebron's for school, and he doesn't understand why he has to get something different. it sucks, because lebron has some fucking ILL shoes, but we aren't supporting that motherfucker's empire anymore. me and my homie and my kids are making a decision to hop on the thunder bandwagon.. if i can't fuck with bron, Durantula is the next best thing, i'm just hoping he drops some dope sneaks in the years to come, because i'm not sold on the KDIII yet. this is my last mention of Lebron on LWH.. i'll resume your regularly scheduled hip hop programming with a classic from Dead Prez..


  1. Tell em' why you mad son...

  2. i hate to sound like a fucking crybaby, but SHIT.

  3. HA! I thought this post was about Lyndon B Johnson when I picked it out of the archive. Really. Now I'm trying to figure out why I would give a shit to hear about Lyndon B Johnson.