Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a step in the right direction?

so the other day, i was bitching about how i can't buy "that guy's" kicks anymore, and how i'm getting on the OKC thunder's bandwagon(there's still room right?) at the same time, i was bummed because judas has the dopest kicks in the game. are these a step up for KD? what do you think? i'd like to see a murdered out, all black everything colorway, but these are looking pretty fly. gotta wonder if these are more for the court than the streets, but still... it's a start, right?

more pics @ nicekicks


  1. I like these more than those Lebron's you posted a while back.

  2. really? i love those "air judas'" that from that post. these remind me of the kobe5..

  3. I agree these look more like court shoes though.