Sunday, July 25, 2010


normally, i'm not big into name brands. i do require a new era fitted, and some nice kicks, but most of my jeans are from old navy's clearance section, and i stay wearing a t-shirt/polo/hoodie that reps my employer. shouts to L$ for keeping me fitted with a million different colored NeoCom shirts. but anyone that designs something that takes my love for baseball, and tweaks it a little bit to make it stand out, i'm in. spotted this at hypebeast. (no homo)..

and here's some easy listening for your sunday..

enjoy the last bit of your weekend,people.. fucking work week will be back next time you wake up..


  1. I finally got around to listening to the Lupe freestyle. It's dope IMO, but you gotta have a really commanding voice to ride that track.

  2. i think im gonna give it a second chance.. i dunno.

  3. Like, when I say its dope. I mean its dope in theory. Like, the content is ill, but the song still corny. I don't know how to explain it.

  4. did anybody see his former producer's twitter rant against lu ? he spazzed for hours on dude

    yehh,every rapper has their Jaz-O's I guess.

    Some of the shit he was saying was kinda true though