Monday, July 26, 2010

My Top 5 Releases of 2010 (SO FAR)

So we are half way done with 2010, and there have been some pretty good hip hop releases thus far. I fully expect this list to change dramatically by the end of the year, since there are a bunch of releases on the horizon. Albums like Good Ass Job and the two others from GOOD Music day, Lasers, The RED Album, Thug Motivation 103, King Uncaged, Detox, (and a few nice surprises I'm sure) are poised to be 2010's defining albums. Here are the few that have already released and have enjoyed their fair share of play time with me.

5. Meth Ghost Rae - Wu Massacre

So this album was pretty hyped up. It didn't quite live up to all the hype, but was still a good listen. It was great to hear the three most successful wu members on the same project. The album had that wu feel, even without Rza, and was a better Wu-tang release than "8 Diagrams". It even featured a song about our hometown "Youngstown Heist" which was a nice crime track. The big downfalls was the very short length of the album (about 30 Minutes, 12 tracks, but 2 were skits) and the fact that Def Jam pushed the album out too fast, so it does come off a little unfinished. But all in all I enjoyed it.

4. Freeway and Jake One - The Stimulus Package

This album caught me a little by surprise. It wasn't on my radar when it was set to release, and even when it did I put off listening to it. I kept hearing a lot of buzz about it and figured I'd give it a shot. I really liked this album, it had several very solid tracks and few weak ones, and even the weak ones aren't THAT weak. My personal favorite is "One Thing ft. Raekwon". If you haven't yet, it's worth at least a listen.

3. Curren$y - Pilot Talk

Again, another release that wasn't on my radar. I've heard dude, but not enough to form an opinion. I'd have to thank @abortatron for really pushing me to listen to this and quit putting it off. It's a very solid album, in fact I'm listening to it as we speak. I love it. Curren$y is headed for big things if he continues to improve on this.

2. Rick Ross - Teflon Don

Alright, so this album has only been out for a week, and I've had it for two, but it has already made me a believer. I fell into the camp of people that really didn't want to jump on the Ross wagon for various reasons. I hadn't heard much before this, by my own choice. I finally gave in and haven't looked back. From Free Mason to B.M.F to I'm not a Star to M.C. Hammer there are too many solid tracks to ignore. I've seen this album already turn a ton of haters into fans. If you haven't heard this yet, then put your issues with Rick Ross aside, whatever they made be and just listen to the music. It doesn't disappoint.

1. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Can he carry an album on his own? Without 3000? The answer is surprisingly YES. 3 Stack's weed carrier released his first solo album and shut a lot of naysayers up. It's not that his skills were so much in question as much as him standing on his own, having always played second fiddle to Andre a lot of people figured he needed 3000 a lot more than 3000 needed him. This project shows how criminally underrated Big Boi is. Not only can he stand on his own, he can sound pretty good doing it. If you haven't heard this yet you are missing out for real. While I don't expect this to stay #1 at the end of the year, it certainly doesn't change the fact this will be one of 2010's best albums of any genre.


  1. mine would be

    1 pilot talk
    2 teflon don
    3 cocainism 2
    4 thank me later
    5 somthing from 1995

  2. Well I slept on Cocainism 2, I'm just now getting to that one...otherwise it probably would have made the list....I haven't fully absorbed Pilot Talk to the extent you have, I could see if moving up when its all said and done.

  3. 1. Marcberg
    2 New Amerykah Part Two
    3. Teflon Don
    4. Distant Relatives
    5. Detroit State of Mind 4

    Honorable Mention: Pilot Talk, Wu Massacre, Stimulus Package, Cocainism, Albert Anastasia, and the Corrine Bailey Rae album...

    It's been a good year for hiphop...

  4. i forgot about marcberg. thats top 3 for me

    1 pilot talk
    2 teflon don
    3 marcberg
    4 thank me later
    5 cocainism 2

    hoping yeezy delivers. if that isn't album of the year, i'll be disapointed

  5. " It's been a good year for hiphop... "

    No doubt ... I was thinkin' of doing this exact post today ... Then I remember that, well, I don't have a blog.

    I agree with position 1 and 2 greatly, Sir Lucious is a classic.

    But I would put Darkside as number 3.

    Still gotta decide position 4 and 5.