Saturday, July 31, 2010

what a shit day.

everything is shitty. the yankees traded for Kerry Wood, AND Lance Berkman. my kid kept me up half the night, for no real reason. i think he was just mad at me.i keep getting into stupid spats with my wife, because we are just both irritated. i want to hit the bar with my homies, and no one is answering my calls. everyone in my house has a shitty disposition. i'm supposed to be working on a blog post with someone, and i just can't get inspired. i think im just gonna go to the bar el dolo and throw a few back.. one positive thing though, i went to RE-download "amnesiac" by Radiohead, just to add to the bummed out vibe of the day, and discovered a 2 disc deluxe edition? WTF. someone failed me by not telling me about this. if you want it, google is your friend. i am probably not. i will post a radiohead song, just for kicks. if you are like a colleague of mine,who will remain unnamed and "have no idea what a radiohead is", you might recognize this from blu's "her favorite colour"



  1. RNC Chairman Michael Steele7/31/2010 7:37 PM

    It's kind of nice that the Nationals are being really careful with Strasburg. You mentioning Kerry Wood sort of reminded me.

    You know, I might have to give Amnesiac some more listens. I always kind of ignored it in favour of just listening to Kid A again, when I was in the mood for that kind of stuff.

    Hope you're fortunes improve soon, btw.

  2. I used to feel wierd about going out to the bar by myself until I moved to the mountains to go to school. It's not bad at all though.

  3. amnesiac > kid a

    *ducks *
    i know kid a is universally recognized as the better LP, but.. i dunno. i always choose amnesiac over kid a

  4. "You crying cause you broke from the projects? That's not pain, that's emotion. You a bitch."

    No shots. Prodigy said it. lol Nah I'm fucking with you. I like to listen to this when I get down though.

  5. Day is almost over, tho ...

    Bright side of things and whatnot.

  6. day is almost over, hopp. thanks.

    im home already. the bar was even more depressing than my house. someone did have some choice cuts for the jukebox.

  7. This is the only radiohead album that really grabs me. Never cared for kid a. Laughed out loud when I went to the record store in Boston last year and they wanted forty bucks for some limited triple 10" version of it. Laughed my ass right out of the store with a copy of "Born Like This", which should have been an ep, but that's not here or there.