Wednesday, July 28, 2010


the homie HL just posted a DOOM song i have never heard. well, it's actually NonFixion feat. DOOM, but hey, there aren't many songs that have the villain involved that i haven't heard a million times. not sure if it's new or if somehow, i just missed it. i can't,however,just go and take my homie's shine like that, so if you wanna listen, you gotta go to, but trust me, it's a trip worth taking. he runs a tight ship over there. and while we are on the subject, be on the lookout for a pretty amazing collab between LightWeightHeavy and LattisawTapes. we've been working on it for awhile, and it's really starting to come together.(pause)i won't give any insight as to what it is, but trust when i say, it's gonna be epic.

oh. and side note -the jay-z verse on that usher song is incredible.


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  2. LightWeightHeavy & LattisawTapes & LetsConnectPoliticsDitto