Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's time for a change.

i had an idea to list some words/phrases that need to be removed from the hip-hop vernacular.some of this shit has just gone too far. i'm sick of it. here are a few examples....i know there are more, but i can't think of them right now. if i missed some, please add them in the comments.

hatin/hater - i'm so sick of people telling me i'm a hater, just because i don't like something. and if i'm "hatin" on you, wouldn't that mean that you have to be doing better than me in some facet of life? maybe you just suck, and that's really all there is to it.

swag/swagger- played out. old. tired. i can't wait for this word to go the way of "groovy" or "far out". there's "pretty boy swag", "fat boy swag", "business casual swag".. and let's not forget, you can "turn your swag on" or go "swag surfing". i'm fucking swagged out. and i don't mean i'm dressed fly, i mean i can't take the use of this word anymore.

bling - if martha stewart is using it, it's dead. it's not cool anymore. period.

goin ham- while this is mainly a regional thing, i am hoping this dies off before it catches on nation-wide. i saw someone say they were "about to 'go ham' on facebook. really? cut it out.

i know there are more, but i am getting angry just thinking about the stupidity that is overtaking the hip-hop culture. let's put a stop to this bullshit slang TOGETHER.


  1. I enjoy being called a hater. I'm living proof that you can hate the player, actually you can punch him in his fuckin face if you want too. I think it's funny to scuff peoples shoes. Shit is hilarious.

  2. This could be why people in Cleveland are always trying to punch me in the face...