Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tiger style...TIGER STYLE..

so, when wale dropped "the mixtape about nothing" i thought it was awesome. and then,after a few spins, i dropped it and never looked back. when "attention deficit" dropped, i thought it was amazing. i even took my dog on an extra long walk so i could finish giving it the headphone treatment (ll). and then a funny thing happened. i never listened to that again either. and then the internets turned on wale, calling his album a disappointment. i don't think dude is awful, i just get bored with shit real quick. but this.. now this is worth your time. mr. folarin just let this go on his twitter, and i was very surprised at how ill it was. here i am expecting a rocky-esque "eye of the tiger" type joint, when instead, wale goes into the mind of tiger woods.Yeah. and he does it well, breaking down all the different aspect of the scandal that you could imagine. make sure you get this one. it's sure to get repeat spins. actually, you'll probably listen to it once, and then never bother with it again.

Wale - "eyes of a tiger"

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