Thursday, July 29, 2010

gangsta gibbs

so i'm not the biggest mixtape advocate. there are so many,and honestly, i don't have time to listen to some of the music that i already know i like, let alone check for some newjack who i never heard of. the streets are over-saturated with bullshit mixtapes. i bet you have a cousin who has a mixtape. and it's hosted by DJ so and so, and presented by nokia or some shit. bottom line, there are too many that aren't worth my time, and because of that, i miss some good shit from time to time. there are however, exceptions, and gangsta gibbs has too many co-signs for me to not give him a listen. i've been hearing about "str8 killa" for awhile, and i can't say that i've cared, but alot of people seem to. so i'm posting it. i spotted excerpts from an interview he did at Bol's,and it made me all the more interested in hearing what this dude is about, despit the fact that ha may have fired shots at the blog scene -

Motherfuckers hide behind they computers and say little bullshit all day, but 99% of these niggas ain’t 100, man, so I don’t really give no fuck.

actually, he was referring to just blaze and some squabble about him not paying justin for a beat. but it sounds better when i say that freddie gibbs has beef with me and cholera.

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa No Filla"

side note - i like how he said "i don't give NO fuck" as opposed to "i don't give a fuck". i'm going to make this edit to my slang. *reprograms brain*


  1. Wasn't feeling this tape. At all...

  2. i haven't got too into it yet.. i'll probably listen once and dump it. even if it's good.

  3. If has a problem with other rappers, why doesn't he make a Drop a Gem on Em? Who Shot Ya? Hit Em Up? Ether? Takeover? Hell, even a Wanksta would do. I'm kinda getting tired of hearing rappers complain about rap when my ipod pretty much constantly has some good new music on it.

  4. " presented by nokia or some shit. "


  5. RNC Chairman Michael Steele7/31/2010 7:27 PM

    Pretty funny stuff man.

    Gibbs' bars are pretty good but something about him is boring as hell. Maybe it's his inability to pick good beats, or just his lack of any personality. But given the production he had on his first two big mixtapes [Blaze, Polow, etc] I'm guessing it's the latter.

    I mean Blaze is a beast when he isn't making beats for Eminem, and Polow made a couple of Rich Boy songs listenable. But this guy couldn't leave a mark on me with their beats.

    [haven't listened to this tape by the way]

  6. *or just his lack of any personality*