Tuesday, July 27, 2010

what's the opposite of shyne?

dim? fade? because this dude doesn't um...shine. or shyne. or whatever.(and no homo that pic)
i read alot of internet blurbs about the awfulness of this before i actually got a chance to listen to it. they were pretty brutal on po, but i don't think they accurately described the pile of shit that is this song. so i wanted to share some thoughts.. *spoiler alert* - i'm about to hate like silky johnson.

first of all,is he TRYING to sound retarded? no really.. listen again. i'll wait.
ok. so tell me eli porter wouldn't revoke this dudes mensa membership. jesus.

there is so much wrong here. this guy gets "renegaded" by biggie. i mean "duh" right? of course he did. but .. what if i told you that the biggie "feature" was really just a loop of him saying "i'll be smoking trees in belize when they find me"..like 10 times. and nothing else. there is literally not another biggie lyric on the song. would you still believe that was somehow better than shyne po's bars? no? have you listened yet?

i don't even want to get into the heresy commited to one of my favorite marley joints(see what i did there?)i'll just say that i will always think "bro bro, not the c.o, the ceo, row row" or some shit when i hear "the sun is shining"

i should add, that i never liked shyne. always seemed like puff trying to recreate big and failing to me. plus..i mean look at this pic.. this dude is wearing a TIM COUCH jersey! destined to fail. but shit, even i was rooting for him when he got out from doing 8 years for his main man puff. then l.a. reid gives this dude a milli advance on a record deal ? and THIS is the kind of shit he comes up with? let me get 10k and put me and DNTZ in a room for a weekend,and i promise, we can give you a whole album, no a whole CATALOG of shit that is exponentially better than this. this is perhaps the worst "song" ever. i can't even believe i'm goig to post the link. but.. you almost have to hear it, to understand how bad it really is. whatever your thinking, trust me.. it's 10x worse than that. fuck. here's the link. smh..

Shyne "featuring" Biggie & Bob Marley - "Belize" (real creative with the title too, btw)

as they say in the nah c-section - i think wendy's is hiring, shyne.


  1. Cosign. I never liked Shyne's music even before he got locked up. Didn't he always sound like this?

  2. he needs better ghostwriters. that bad boy money buys some good ones... guess that LA ried money just ain't the same. you would think he had 8 yrs to write some fire. shit.. im sure he could have STOLE some bars from some freestyling lifer.. but this.is.just.awful.

  3. Yeah, who didn't root for him when he came out from his bid? Regardless of if you liked him or not before, everyone loves an underdog story. And if you've ever seem Notorious or Get Rich or Die Trying, or heard any story about a rapper doing time, you kinda have this preconception that they are gonna come out with bars, because cmon what else are you gonna do in there? Who doesn't expect the Mixtape Weezy to come out of Rikers in November? Exactly. But unfortunately here, 8 years might have been too long or something, dude just doesn't have it.

    Extra points off for scraping the bottom of the barrel of Biggie post-humous recordings, Bringing Bob Marley into this mess, and using decade old 50 Cent dis (Perhaps he doesn't know he missed that whole era).