Thursday, July 22, 2010

i hate white people pt 3

This dude that went to high school with me has been posting shit to facebook for awhile now, he always thinks he's saying something random and hilarious but his foray into hip hop has pushed me over the edge.

"Don't hang up, I still got more. Your mama gives head like a heroin whore. I wasn't thinkin of you as bud, when she spreaded my buttcheeks and went for the milk dud. We broke out with your grandpa's gin and got drunk, I fucked with a bowling pin. She's freaky, her nipples look like peanuts. Your mama's one of my favorite sluts." - some bars posted on FB today.


  1. have you ever heard of "white guilt" ??
    this is what causes it.

  2. Nah, this causes white kids to go punch other white kids in they mouth. I feel stupider just for having to say this.